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skin changes between upgrade versions


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Our site runs a modified version of the crosshatch skin and upgrades have been a challenge.


Is there a tool (or some sort of documentation) that we can use to compare all the files in the skin folder to determine which files have seen changes between versions?  We are moving from 5.2.8 to 5.2.13.  


I was looking at the WinMerge tool, but several reviews indicate that the software comes with some spyware nasties.  


Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide.

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There are loads of tools but we use DiffMerge and also WinMerge (both are good are certain tasks and have a failing in certain areas hence using both) and also not seen any issues with using WinMerge assuming it is downloaded from their own website.

Skin changes made during core version upgrades are vitally important and even more so if you are running 3rd party skins which may or may not ever get updated by the original authors



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I use Beyond Compare 3 to see file differences across all the folders at once, and also to check individual files if needed. I have a heavily modified core, as well as a 3rd party skin from a developer who has been sadly unresponsive for some time. So I either upgrade myself or pay to have it done. I can usually manage with Beyond Compare, and I can guarantee you I am NOT PHP savy.

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