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Restoring stock level if customer cancels order


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Hi Guys,


Just had a customer on email asking me to restore stock levels on some products as he cannot order them after cancelling payment process to check his basket.


Customer started payment process and wanted to check his basket so clicked "cancel and return to store", after checking basket he then tried to pay again but was advised that stock quantities have changed (some items out of stock) and could not proceed to order payment.


Order shows as pending in admin and as we have stock control set to adjust at pending stage, the stock does not return to main store.


Hope this is clear enough! Can you help?



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If the order is at pending and you have the settings to deduct stock at pending status then it is working correctly. Your customer should be able to login into their account, see the order and go ahead and complete payment for it.

If you want to return the items to stock, then you will need to delete the order which should do this !

Personally, I would not have the setting to reduce stock at Pending stage but instead at Processing so they are deducted once somebody has actually paid for them. Set as it is, it is easy to have multiple pending orders either created legitimately as in this case or maliciously tying all your stock up



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Hi Ian,


Thanks for the quick reply.

I knew that the setting was working correctly and just wondered if there was a way around it. We set it like that as we had problems in the early days with stock issues.


I'll reset it to use the processing option.


Thanks for all your efforts over the last few days by the way, it's much appreciated. Everything seems to be working fine...and much faster. Are things looking ok at the server end? Anything we should be aware of?

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