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Hi all,


I am getting a very odd security warning when trying to access items in our online store at www.pacworks.biz. Here is the message that I am getting when trying to click on different menu items: Security Warning

Parsed array keys can not contain illegal characters! Script execution has been halted. It may be possible to fix this error by deleting your browsers cookies and refresh this page.


This message just randomly started appearing. I did a search trying to figure out a solution to this problem and it seems like people are saying that it is a problem with some PHP coding. The odd thing is that we have not changed any of the code, nor installed any third party plugins in at least 6 months and our store has been running fine. I also haven't changed any of the store settings in the CubeCart dash board. I know CSS and HTML, but I am not a PHP programmer, so I am not sure what to look for to fix this problem.


Here is some info that may help diagnose my problem:

  • I am using CubeCart 4.3.3
  • I have tested on multiple web browsers and got the same error message

Thanks in advance for any help!






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Awesome! This worked! Thank you bsmither for your expertise and for helping me resolve this issue quickly. Glad it wasn't something too extensive to fix. The way it just suddenly started doing that made me think that some coding had been updated or changed somewhere and CubeCart wasn't reacting well to it. Thanks again!

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