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Drymax Socks Australia is reborn!

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Thanks Al for your assistance.  We hadn't upgraded since v5.0 and i was really impressed by the debugging and the speed the site is running.  Check us out at www.drymaxsocks.com.au/store and let us know what you think.  I am not real techy so its come up ok for a novice i think.


I will read through the tweaks but if i had a wish list (meaning i have no idea how to change!)


  • better placement of home page social icons - top right above cart
  • better location and prominence of newsletter sign up with the ability to edit text - our lists are gold!
  • flexibility for other categories in sidebars - ie sort by size under a category, or running distance etc
  • signup landing page pop up integration.


i am sure i will find some answers to above in the forum.


anyway thanks again




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Hi Derek,

Your store has probably had 400+ bug fixes since the version it was upgraded from. Please let us know if you come across any problems and we will be pleased to help you.

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It's an OK store but....


The yellow highlighting is NAFF! It looks very amateurish - There are much better ways of drawing attention than yellow highlighting.


You say that you only ship to Australia - but if I order something I am given the option of Australia, Hong Kong, Gurnsey and Jersey - delete the extra countries.


Your copyright notice at the bottom needs to be centred.


As Al said, that's an old version of CC - have a look at version 6 - it is good and not a huge job to upgrade - lots of help available if you need it.



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