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Adding new product pages to sell Video on Demand?


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"extra product pages"


Still not understanding what you want CubeCart to do.


"embed the video"


Hopefully to not make the video available until its been purchased.


So, maybe instead of a digital file download link, a different kind of link to where the video can be streamed?

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Still not following you with the "extra" product pages.


In admin, you will create a new inventory item. That item can be 'disabled', can be assigned a category that is 'disabled' and/or 'hidden', or can be effectively hidden by enabling "Use stock levels", setting the item's stock level to zero, and make the Store Setting "Hide out of stock items".


You can also set the Store Setting "Allow out of stock purchases" to disabled. This will cause that product to not have a Buy button.

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After discussing with someone else the phrase, "extra product pages," I think maybe what you want is a way to show more information on a product's page, perhaps even information that may not always be prudent to show all the time,  than what you can comfortably fit within a browser window.


If so, you may need to find a solution to organize a lot of product info in a compact space. CubeCart's admin pages do this by using tabs.


There are/were mods to place tabs on the View Product skin template. These tabs held the Bulk Purchase Discount table, the gallery of secondary images, followed by whatever you wanted to put on a tab(s). Such as Related Products, some paragraphs about the manufacturer, a form to let the customer ask about a product, a means to let the customer upload an image to customize the product, testimonials, etc.


Perhaps even a media viewport that will be enabled to stream a video file if this product was purchased by the logged in customer.

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What I'd like to do is add a new category to the main menu entitled "Downloads" and from there, list the movies we have available to purchase via product pages with embedded VimeoPro links. Is this possible?

I thought it may have been what the "digital" options were for but I can't figure it out.

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Everything up to "embedded VimeoPro links" is what CubeCart already does. Create a category called "Downloads" and assign all your inventory to it.

Otherwise, I'm still not following what you exactly want CubeCart to do.

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