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CubeCart 5: CubeCart_customer.status


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In admin, Customers, a customer can be disabled. A disabled customer cannot log in.


I do not know many reasons why an admin would want to disable a customer, but I did write a tweak for a wholesale shop that when a customer registered, its status was kept at disabled until the customer's wholesale status could be verified.

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Yes, well that's pretty much what I thought it would be for but for the life of me I just can not find where in - admin/Customer List  - it can be managed.


I'm looking in admin under Customer List - am I looking in the wrong place?

bsmither - strike that last reply.  I'm obviously going blind. Very first column - tick/x 


Dear me!  :(


So I guess it's either 1 or 0 if it's only used for that purpose.  Is it used for any other purpose?




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I have not found any CubeCart code that will make a customer enabled or disabled as the result of some test.


Hypothetical situation: a payment gateway receives a response that the credit card being used "must be collected". (With the "card-not-present" scenarios that eCommerce stores operate under, that would be impossible.) The card issuer responding with "Must be collected" could have several reasons: stolen, chronic overdraft, late payments, etc. The payment gateway could then logout the customer and disable their status.


Hypothetical situation: a customer exceeds a set number of attempts to make a payment. The payment processor sends back a denial response for each attempt. The gateway code determines that the number of attempts has been exceeded and disables the customer.


I'm sure there may be other situations and scenarios that would/should manage the customer's status.


I also think a disabled customer would not get a newsletter from the store.


However, if you can think of any other use for having a customer disabled, or more than just the 1 or 0 state, please let us know.

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