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Making a customer group is viable. Testing for that membership in the customer account profile page and during checkout is possible.


Unfortunately, I've painted myself into a corner and can't use customer groups in this instance.

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If it was viable - how would that work with users not logged in, clicking forgotten password and resetting on the normal 'guest' reset page (as CC doesn't know the account being reset is in the disabled group at that point)?


As a work around for customer groups could you not add a 1 or 0 custom field for each customer record and check against that?

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True, several functions would need to add a check against the customer_id number associated with a customer group.


The email address can be the target for denial, but that would require a separate list.


So, my plan was to add a "Do not modify" flag in the CC_customers table. If that had already been developed, then no need to reinvent it.

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