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Editing Cubecart_users_admin


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I can't login as admin to my recently migrated cubecart.  The Knowledgebase tells me what I have to do, and says "make the following changes"...


How do I edit Cubecart_admin_users exactly?  I've fired up phpMyAdmin, browsed to where the cubecart_admin_users table is, and now I'm not sure what to do.  I can click the edit button and get a window as seen in the attached image, but now what?  If I click on "password" it just puts the word "password" wherever the cursor is.


Just need a step by step guide for a newbie to edit the table with phpMyAdmin as per the Knowledgebase article - or any other way to edit it, even if it's with something else.


Just to clarify, there's no obvious way to select a row (to edit one particular admin), and now pencil icon or anything to let me edit a row or column.  There is also this message at the top:


"Current selection does not contain a unique column. Grid edit, checkbox, Edit, Copy and Delete features are not available."


Thanks in advance!

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Yes, not containing a unique column, in other words, no primary key, means on-screen edits cannot be made. Shame on you, Devellion!


You can enter this into the SQL editor:

ALTER TABLE `CubeCart_admin_users` ADD PRIMARY KEY (`admin_id`);


Then you can do on-screen editing.


If you know that this installation's email system works, you can put a known email address in the record, then use the Forgot Login feature of the admin login page.


UPDATE `CubeCart_admin_users` SET `email` = '[email protected]';


If you can't be sure if CubeCart can email, then this is the next attempt:


UPDATE `CubeCart_admin_users` SET `salt` = '', `new_password` = '', password = 'c4ca4238a0b923820dcc509a6f75849b';


This is a CC3-style password, and CC5 should note this and convert it to a CC5-style password automatically. This code is the hash for the password 1.

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I can edit the admin users now, but none of the suggestions above seem to have allowed me to log in, nor the instructions on the knowledge base.  I am mystified.  Time to get the webhosts involved methinks.  I'm thinking about a full reinstall, and I know how to do that, but will that fix the database issues as well?  Like are all the databases part of the files I can see in the Cpanel file manager, or are they elsewhere?

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Thanks for your input.  I'll just wait until I see what the webhosts come back with, and if no joy I might just wipe everything and start from scratch - or pay someone to as I'm still unsure of how to do that.


Hopefully reinstalling the Home Directory backup will allow me to put our existing files back up without problems.  Otherwise it's going to be a long weekend of manually putting 12 pages of product back up, but we'll do it if it's better in the long run, and I suspect it might be.


Thanks again!

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