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Global percentage discount problem


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Just thought I'd set up a Global percentage discount for today of 25% across the whole store. However when i do so, all "popular products" in the left hand column are displaying as "£0.00". Is this some sort of bug?



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We may be able to help.


I say 'may' because (in CC5213) Popular Products (in the standard Kurouto skin, at least) does not display prices.


So, we would need to learn what additional code edits were made (or perhaps a plugin/snippet?) to get the regular price and sale price for the Popular Products. The code at GUI->_displayPopularProducts() does not get prices.

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Without being able to run Blueprint myself, I can only make an educated guess:


For the currency you use (admin, Currencies), are you using the HTML entity £ or the actual symbol £ (which may or may not be utf-8)?


Although it has been recommended in some cases to use the entity, I think CubeCart may have an issue with any code that tries to strip the currency symbol off of the price and sale_price prior to making adjustments.


The Fusion Plugin (necessary to run the Blueprint skin) has some hooks that add more data to CubeCart's standard data sets. One such occurrence is in the script /Fusion/classes/product_listing.class.php.

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in admin, Currencies, look at the symbol for the British Pound. Hopefully, when in a text field, and if using the entity, it will show £. If not using the entity, it will show something else.


(Your store must be in the Per-Product Sale mode, as the Popular Products all have prices except Video Nasties.)


I am able to switch the store's currency to USD ($) and the sale_price is still zero. So now I have a small amount of doubt that the currency symbol may be causing the problem.

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