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We can use a hook to automate the process.  But which hook?


There are hooks available in most any method of responding to a page request:

* Any page request when CubeCart is waking up (responding to the page request)

* Any page request when CubeCart is going back to sleep (after the page is built and spit out)

* Only when the admin section is accessed, at the start

* Only in admin at the end

* Only when the admin successfully logged in, at the start

* Only when the admin is logged in at the end


For the moment, I will assume when the admin is logged in and when the last hook is tested when displaying the Dashboard.

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How would you like to receive the feedback?


I'd like the email to simply send the customer a message (preferably html email so to match our branding / signature)


To capture feedback, I'd like to include a simple fixed url in the email (powered by https://getkudos.me/), this allows customers to write a review and submit it by sharing to either FB or Twitter, far more useful for generating exposure, they also offer a widget which we can embed into our stores.

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