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CubeCart passing order details to Paypal overview (recent activity)


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Hi everyone, we have a small quick question, we would like to have all the orders processed on our cart

pass the details to PayPal's overview (recent activity) the more the details the better.

Is this a special mod or something to activate? Should we use some third party software for this?

Thanks in advance


ps : We are using CubeCartv5


ps : We need something like this but maybe v5 already have it:


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In the file /modules/gateway/PayPal/gateway.class.php, there is a function repeatVariables(). Currently the code simply returns a false. By removing the block comments, /* and */, the function can be made to return the basket contents. The data will be included with all the other data about the order that gets sent to PayPal.


Since I don't do PayPal, I do not know why this function is inert, nor do I know how PayPal will react if this data gets sent to it, nor do I know how to set up PayPal to show this data in any meaningful way. That discovery will have to be made by a person knowledgeable with PayPal.


CubeCart also has a plugin variant (PayPal Express?) and I do not know where to enable the inclusion of the basket's contents.

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