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First on-line shop

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First of all, congratulations on going live, one milestone achieved right there.


Some points:




1) I don't think a splash page is required, on visiting your URL the user shouldn't have to click again or wait for the redirect, remember, you've got 3 seconds on average to keep their interest before they click away.


a) If your going to use the root for something else i.e forum or /blog with a link to /store then fine, otherwise I'd be tempted to move the store to the root directory, if the splash page is a holding page for other content, then for the time being do a 302 redirect to your store through your .htaccess file.




2) On the store index, I feel like there's a clear call to action missing:


a] There's a fading banner which doesn't link to anything, so IF I see a product I like, I cant go to it.


b] If your trying to push Custom suits, you'd benefit more from having a single static image over a fancy fader which links to your custom suits page. It's a big billboard that does or says very little at the moment.


c] Then below the large image/fader, potentially put some featured products here


- So your targeting two audiences, those who want custom stuff can click through via your large image

- Those who just want to buy your other items, can click through straight away without having to dig deep in the navigation, although its there if they need to use it.




Good luck and I hope you do well.

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