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Addthis & Facebook Social Media Plugins Not Working Correctly


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We would love to use the Social Media plugins that are embedded in Cubecart, but they are not behaving the way we need them to.  Let's give a little example:

When we go to share a product, let's just pick one at random:


The Pinterest button does EXACTLY what it is supposed to do; linking to the exact link, picture, etc. from above.

When we go to use Facebook, E-Mail, Twitter or several of the other buttons, it links to this:

Twitter - http://www.ballcardz.com/index.php?_a=product#.VJiuw498FEI.twitter

Facebook and other buttons - http://www.ballcardz.com/index.php?_a=product

I assume this is a coding error, and I have no idea where to look or why :-/

Please help!




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No...I can actually see real time that these are the links being sent to Facebook or Twitter from the store...I have the option of sending the links or cancelling the request.

The problem is specifically this being sent:

"/index.php?_a=product" + the odd characters after


instead of:




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I don't know what to expect with twitter, but when I hover over the "Follow" button, I get (all on one line):


I don't see twitter as a folder in the Social modules, so I have to conclude this is a third-party code edit.


As for the facebook Social module, this line of code:

$attributes[]    = 'href="'.currentPage().'"';

will get the 'friendly' URL. So, are you using CubeCart's facebook module, or is there some other kind of facebook code you are using?

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