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Add variable tip field to total?


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Want to add a variable "Tip" field to the total when CubeCart calculates final costs, so that customer can add a tip for delivery drivers (this CC install is for a pizza restaurant.).


Is there a way to add a blank field so that a customer can type in any amount they wish for the Tip gratuity?

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Not really.


We may have to think of a different approach.


If you can install a "Related Products" mod, you can have a so-called product named "Gratuity" that will appear next to the "pizza" product. The customer can add that to the order, with a base price of $1.00, with a drop-selector of fixed additional amounts, +1.50, +$4.00, etc.


Or, if we can figure out how to have a negative amount of a coupon, a customer can enter a coupon code of "Gratuity" that will negatively subtract, that is, add, to the sub-total.


As it stands, the free-form text boxes that can appear as an option on a product may have an added options cost, but the contents of the text box do not affect the product's line-item total. That's not to say custom coding could make that happen, however.


And, as it now stands, only entering a coupon code (the value can be a percentage of the sub-total) at the checkout process will affect the grand total of the order.


Or, we might be able to latch onto the Shipping protocols. Create a shipping module that offers a selection of amounts to add into the total. We would have to stop calling it "Shipping".


Personally, I like the shipping module approach the best, followed by the negative coupon value as a percentage of the sub-total. It would be trivial to replace the text box where the customer enters the name of the coupon with a series of radio-buttons, the value of each button being the name of a coupon, "G10", "G15", "G20", for example.

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