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[Resolved] Rename All in One Shipping and Paypal Pro


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With Brian's most valuable help the situation has been resolved.

The answer to the solution is the following:

The names of all the parts in the following files needs to be the same. If you want the new name to be "Carrier" then you will need to check or change for this.

1: Go to the shipping module folder containing your new named AIO .shipping, ie Carrier

2: Open shipping.class,php and check the name is not AIOS.

about Line 29

class Carrier{

3. If it is; change it to your required name.

4. Open the config.xml file, check the name is correct.

ie <name><![CDATA[Carrier]]></name>

With these changes the shipping costs should show up at the check out.



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Using the "token" system will update the appropriately named plugin.

Since cubecart.com does not know about "Postage", you will need to update that manually.

To get the renamed AIOS (Postage) from 105 to 107:

config.xml, line 8:

shipping.class.php, line 258:
if ($this->_weight < $r['min_weight'] && $r['min_weight'] > 0) {

/admin/index.inc.php, lines 209-219:

if (isset($_GET['delete_zone']) && !empty($_GET['delete_zone']) && Admin::getInstance()->permissions('settings', CC_PERM_DELETE)) {
	if ($GLOBALS['db']->delete('CubeCart_shipping_zones', array('id' => (int)$_GET['delete_zone']))) {
		$GLOBALS['db']->delete('CubeCart_shipping_rates', array('zone_id' => (int)$_GET['delete_zone']));
	} else {
	httpredir(currentPage(array('delete_zone','tab')), 'shipping_zones');

also on line 362:
$zones[$i]['link_delete'] = currentPage(array('tab'), array('delete_zone' => $zones[$i]['id']));


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