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Backup - Reinstall Question


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My CC 5.12 install is showing multiple problems (mostly permission issues) after I re-installed the site from a zip archive a week ago.


As a way to bypass picking apart each problem at a time and repairing it, could I (theoretically) install a completely fresh copy of cubecart 5.14 and then import my CC 5.12 DB into the fresh version, and then start bringing in my content items? (I am using a customized Skin)


Or would importing the older DB just reintroduce my old problems into the fresh copy? 


I am thinking the permission issues would not be present in the DB, so at least that would be solved?

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The contents of the database does not impact, nor are they impacted by (mostly), the permissions that exist on the folders and files.


CubeCart wants to save files to a few locations:

the root folder for the .htaccess file (able to edit in Store Settings) and sitemaps

the /includes/ folder (after setup, has global.inc.php file)

the /includes/extra/ folder (has snippets and key license file)

the /cache/ and /cache/skin/ folder

the /images/cache/ folder


Two other folders receive files and images uploaded/created in admin.


When you upload the CC5214 package to your intended location, also include the global.inc.php file so that when you run setup, you can specify that you want to keep your existing database.

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