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GD Line error 75 - - missing image file list under products


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Image File Manager seems to be working fine, but image file list (under the Image tab) when a product is opened up for editing, the list is missing  - completely blank window. 


I can upload and the new image will appear with the product, but I cannot select or deselect images (as I cannot see them listed at all).


The error  in the log was


PHP Notice:  GD::gdLoadFile - Unknown file type: /home/sbarro12/public_html/pizzanow/images/source/index.php in /home/sbarro12/public_html/pizzanow/classes/gd.class.php on line 75


But I saw a code line substitution in a different Cubecart Forum page and tried it, now I get this error:


Warning: implode() [function.implode.php]: Invalid arguments passed in /home/sbarro12/public_html/pizzanow/classes/gd.class.php on line 75



Here's the code line substitution i made to gd.class:


original line 75:
trigger_error(__METHOD__.' - Unknown file type: '.$file);
New line
trigger_error(__METHOD__.' - Unknown file type:' . $file . ': ' . implode(',',$this->_gdImageData));
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$this->_gdImageData may not be holding an array, which the implode() function is wanting.


Please remove this file as it causes these Notice entries in the log file - /images/source/index.php. However, the presence of this file does not crash CubeCart, nor, in my opinion, should it cause an empty File Manager file picker window.


Let me check my notes to see if I can find what may be causing this problem.

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