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USPS Postage options not showing in shopping cart


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I have run into several issues in the past few days trying to get my cart approved by Google Shopping. I think I have solved them all successfully!  However, while doing research on those issues, I found that the option to have USPS shipping as an option on my checkout pages is not working.


I have setup the USPS shipping module with the setting shown in the attached image - which from my understanding, should work.  When I add an item to my shopping cart and go to checkout, the only option for shipping is UPS!  I am getting pretty frustrated with all the hoops I've had to jump through in the past few days and now this frustration is driving me to pull out what little hair I have left!!!angry.png


I have searched through the shipping archives and cannot find anything that shows how this should be fixed...any assistance is appreciated!








UPDATE: Found the problem. I had to get a new user ID from USPS. The one I had been using evidently was not meeting their standards.... go figure!!!





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