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500 server error main CubeCart site


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Okay. As of "right now" when I go to the home page in Chrome (Win7/64; Version 39.0.2171.95 m (64-bit)), the page loads at least as far as the URL, and the https "lock is on, via https://www.cubecart.com/but it's an entirely blank page.

The console error in Chrome says:

Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CACHE_MISS

All cache/history in Chrome cleared; retried same error.

In IE11/Win7-64/11.0.15 I just get 500 server error.

5:23pm PST 1/2/15.


I am not running any adblock software, btw. But am running Malwarebytes Antimalware pro. I disabled that, but no difference. Not running any other tools on Windows 7 which would interfere with a site loading. Worked perfectly fine until the 1st, except that cubecart.com would not redirect to https://www.cubecart.comhalf the time I typed that in out of habit.

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Okay. In my case solved the issue.

I had logged in to CubeCart forums on the 30th or 31st, and was still "logged in."

Once I logged out of the forum from the "log out" button top right of the forum, then went back to the CubeCart.com home page it loaded immediately.

So, oddly, clearing the cache/history/cookies in IE and Chrome did *not* clear the cookie set and active by the forum, but on my particular machine the cookie must have expired/corrupted on Jan 1 and conflicted with cookie or cache for main site homepage on load attempt of the URI.


So, anybody else running into this "where did the home page go" ... well, in my case there was a session cache for my IP or user or something from the forum, which was borking loading the main website.

Don't ask me how. Clearing cache/session/history/temp etc. (and yes, I know how to do this very well), did not fix it. Only thing that fixed it was going to the forum and logging out manually to kill the forum cache/cookie for me.

I figured it might not be the actual site as before I did any posting tonight I went to my good ol' fallback downforeveryoneorjustme.com/, and it told me "it's just you..." (me) which was good sign.

Sorry for causing a panic ... could NOT figure that out. I had been going to home page to check on any ETA update for CC6 BETA, hence my "why can't I get there dammit!" frame of mind.


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Wow. Super funky.

Again, today, if I go to CubeCart home page get 500 server error.

Go to forum directly, already logged in.

If I logout of forum, then go back to home page, it works.

Just heads up, something bizarre with cookies/caching/etc. between the forum cookie and the cookie you are using for home page.

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