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CC6 Setup - Incorrect database host, username and/or password


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I am trying to install CC691b for evaluation. I am running CC4 something in production on a hosted service and I have previously installed CC5 for evaluation successfully.


Installation platform is OS X running Mavericks.


MySQL 5.6.22 is installed and running.


phpmyadmin can connect to MySQL.

 - I believe this means that the Apache, PHP and MySQL installations are acceptable.


I have created a user atomacom with phpmyadmin

 - with a known password ( i.e. I am cutting and pasting the password to create the user and configure)

 - the user has access for all databases.


I have created a database cc601b


User atomacom has all permissions for the database but no administrator permissions.


The setup dialog for CC6 runs successfully up to the database settings step, whereupon I stall with:

 - Incorrect database host, username and/or password.


I have restarted it several time so it gets to repeat its checks - everything is green up to this point.


The values I am using are:

Database Settings:

 - Database host:    localhost

 - Username:           atomacom

 - Password:           <paste from same source that created the account>

 - Database Name: cc601b

 - Table Prefix:        cc601b


Store Settings:

 - Default Language: English  <this is not pre-initialised to its only possible value, even when page is represented for correction and the value was set previously>

 - Default Currency: AUD


Administrator Profile

 - User name:       admin (a user that has not been created - I believe this is a CubeCart internal user)

 - Password:        <same as above>

 - Other details    probably not relevant here


Advance Settings;

 - Drop Tables     Not selected (this is a new database and user)


Any thoughts about what might be causing the problem?

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Problem not necessarily solved, but I managed to get it to complete by feeding it user root.


After the red mist of frustration cleared, I did some more dining.  I have no idea what I did to fix it, but now I have a store user configured for host: localhost and it all now works.


I seriously have no idea what fixed it. The user was originally localhost - I change it to All hosts then attempted to copy it to create a separate localhost user (because "All Hosts", apparently, is not All at all - it excludes localhost.)


For reasons I do not understand, the copy function in phpmyadmin did an update instead and I ended up with just a localhost user.  However the installation process completed user the store-owner account and it works.

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Something came up and I didn't get to actually make the suggestion to make sure this new user was understood by the database to allow access from wherever - localhost?


I'm glad it got sorted.


Be aware though...


This! Is! Sparta! a Beta!

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bsmither said:

This! Is! Sparta! a Beta!



Before I switch from 434 I need to:

  • Learn about the new user-exit technology from CC5
  • Get the hang of PHP Classes
  • Learn about the new rendering engine used by the UI
  • Work out which of my hundred-odd enhancements and add-ons are now part of the product
  • And find or develop a solution for the remainder of them.

Probably not much change out of a year for that lot.  Hence the early start on V6.

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