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[Resolved] Odd warning window when filtering product by categories


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For some reason when I try to apply a "filter" to my products per categories in the Inventory > Product area of Cubbcart I keep getting this pop up window that says:


"" htt ps://  www. timesfogottendvd. com /admin ?_g=products""


And it has a "OK" button next to it.


It basically does not let me continue until I click "OK".


When I click the "OK" button I continue on and nothing else happens.  I can continue work just fine.


But I dont know what this "warning" means.  Or how to stop it.



NOTE: second image is another pop up I got just recently after trying to filter the products into another category.


Still no idea what is going on.

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In the file /js/admin.js, near line 156, find and remove:




Download the CC5216 package from www.cubecart.com. Edit the file locally. Then, when you can find just a few seconds of steady connection, FTP that file up to the proper place.



Completed and done!


Tested the "filter" selection just now in Cubecart and I receive no "warning" window - AWESOME assistance as always @bsmither ! !


How you knew that one tiny line in all this "mumbo-jumbo" is "Crazy!" as well!  

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