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T&C check box not showing at checkout


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Hey all


I had disabled the T&C's in the admin some time ago, but now I'm trying to reinstate it.


I have the option checked in the admin, green tick, and have a designated T&C doc in documents.


I'm using a modified Kuruto skin. I have tried switching to a stock skin to check, but still the check box at the check out is not showing. 


Perhaps this is an issue with my version 5.2.4, that an upgrade will fix?


Thank you in advance.



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Does the T&C checkbox appear in the Registration page: /index.php?_a=register

Yes it does....


In CC524, the phrase in admin, Store Settings, Layout tab, is "Disable terms & conditions checkbox on checkout". So, if a green check, you are disabling the appearance of the checkbox.

I thought that was the case, but with a red cross (enabled)  the T&C's are still not showing at the check out.


Thank you for your help.



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Ok, the following is a stupid question, but I have to ask it anyway...


Is the T&C checkbox not appearing when the customer is not already logged in? That is, for both situations where the customer is logged in as well as the customer not being logged in, the result is the same -- no checkbox?

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