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version 6 (b3) - disabling cache


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The blurb about CC6 includes the statement that the greatly improved caching system is on by default.


I would say it is enabled with no way (as yet) for the user to turn it off.


In some code in admin, when adding/editing a product or category, the cache is switched off temporarily while certain things are getting updated.


The cache system is supposed to be greatly improved. How? I can't tell.


I will have to assume that changes to the skin, or other outside the box monkey-business will be detected and dealt with.

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Put it this way with cache off the homepage may have a whopping 70+ queries. With the cache on it should go down to about 4. APC or xCache is recommended and will be used automatically if available. These shoukd perform better than the default "file" cache as it is served direct from memory with no serialize/unserialize and no reading of files.

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Just so you know, I have not experimented extensively with CC6 as of yet.


We had a conversation a while back about the debug listing. I want the listing to contain everything (pertinent, not everything) that goes on until an actual page is spit out. That means to collect each debug load for each "phase". That is to say, a POST is submitted, collect debug, CubeCart issues an httpredir(), so the browser makes another request from the 301/302/whatever, collect debug, CubeCart does something else and starts over, collect debug, then finally, an honest-to-goodness page gets delivered with all that debug.


We also talked about the debug list of queries indicating if a query was actually, factually sent to the database and subsequently cached [Cache Write] or not [Cache Off], versus a query that was found in the cache [Cache Read].


I would like to add to the debug process, the accumulation and listing of other miscellaneous cache writes and reads (but not Smarty compilations).


I would say, if there are reasons to provide a mechanism to "easily" clear the cache, then there must also be (the same?) reasons to switch it off.


Those of us who knows what the cache is, knows the consequences of it being enabled and, more importantly, disabled.

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