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Google Shopping Export


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I've been trying to solve a problem with the export for Google shopping.  In previous versions of cc (I'm running 5.2.16) 


So, when I do the export, any blank fields in the database force the data to move left ....  and that totally messes the google products export.  I have attached a quick screen grab of a current export to show the effect.


I tested the demo of cubecart 5.2.16 on www.cubecart.com - and the issue is there as well.


It would be good if any blank fields (no ean, mpn, etc.) could return a null value so that the other database information goes into the proper columns when I do an export.. 


I don't remember having this issue before and wonder if it's affecting others?  Is there an easy fix, please??









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I can look at this, but in the meantime, please look at the .CSV file in a text editor.


I would like for you to verify that there is or is not appropriate commas where a blank data item should be. That is:


770,Scottish Gifts > Dunoon Mugs,,http_rest_of_link


Note the pair of red commas above. There would be the google category between them if there was one assigned.


If, when looking at the CSV file in a text editor (instead of the spreadsheet program), and you see two commas side-by-side, then I think the spreadsheet program is having a problem. If you see just one comma where there should be two, then CubeCart needs to be fixed.

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Good morning, Brian - well, first of all - apologies, it's always the small things which defeat me completely!  


Struggling to find a programme to open the file and show the commas (senior moment!), I ended up changing my default settings to open the spreadsheet (OpenOffice)... and, of course, the information is working fine.


By selecting to open the spreadsheet using only the tab as a delimiter, everything plonks correctly into shape. 


So, bowing my head in shame, I'm off to do what I should have been doing for the last few days/hours/nights.


An object lesson of over-complicating the problem!


Thanks for turning up to help.


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