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Problem using CC3 not sure to upgrade or bail out?


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Hello - well I have had a cube cart for many years (not sure how many) I know it's Cube cart 3 and it's finally having problems - I don't receive emails now is someone buys something - I know there is a sale when a Pay pal payments comes and I log into store to go to invoices and print off


When I log in I get this message;

Last login by
Warning: strftime() [function.strftime]: It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings. You are *required* to use the date.timezone setting or the date_default_timezone_set() function. In case you used any of those methods and you are still getting this warning, you most likely misspelled the timezone identifier. We selected 'America/Los_Angeles' for 'PST/-8.0/no DST' instead in /home/-----/public_html/enchantedemeraldforestbridal/includes/functions.inc.php on line 437
Feb 05 15, 11:27 AM by me


I deleated a bit of this message----


My Question is:

Do I /Can I upgrade to a newer version of Cube cart??

Can all my products be transferred over?

Can someone fix the skin I have or do I have to have a new on?

How much would this cost?


or am I better off bailing out and drop the whole shop all together


Any advice would be appreciated



emerald-fairy Lynn

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The warning comes from the fact that your hosting account is running a version of PHP where informing the user of this issue is important in order to rectify the problem -- in the eyes of the PHP developers.


You can either:

Add the necessary configuration statement in the PHP.INI file, or

Add the necessary PHP statement in CubeCart.


The PHP.INI file is the master configuration settings on how PHP is to do things when running PHP scripts. Depending on how your hosting provider has security locked down, you can have a PHP.INI file in the root folder of your web site and PHP will use the master, but override settings found in the local PHP.INI file, or perhaps there is a means of making changes to the PHP.INI file that is assigned to your hosting account via a gizmo in the account's control panel (cPanel?).


In the file /includes/ini.inc.php, you can add the statement:


where "XXX/YYY" will be the recognized timezone you want to use. You can get a list at:



Keep in mind: Getting any code customizations transferred from your current version to any other version will be an issue. The upgrade process is "whole-cloth", but the database is maintained.


"Do I /Can I upgrade to a newer version of Cube cart??"

You can upgrade to at least the latest version of CubeCart 4. This will preserve all of your CC3 shop. Your skin may need tweaking.


"Can all my products be transferred over?"

CubeCart does a very good job of upgrading your existing database. Nothing will get lost.


"Can someone fix the skin I have or do I have to have a new one?"

CubeCart 4 should be able to use the existing skin. If you upgrade to CubeCart 5, the skin must be abandoned.


"How much would this cost?"

CubeCart Ltd. has an upgrade service. I do not know the particulars, nor the cost involved. I am fairly certain they will decline to perform the service of upgrading to CC4 as they no longer support it -- but it's still available for download. There are other users on the forums who be willing to offer their services. Again, I have no idea on cost, but if you find someone who makes their living doing this, expect to see a cost in the hundreds.


"Or am I better off bailing out and drop the whole shop all together?"

Only you can answer that. Are your shops a hobby? Or is this your livelihood?

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Never give up! ;-)

You can upgrade directly to v5 keeping everything aside the look and feel. You could always sort that out later.

Why not upgrade to the latest version, add your logo and maybe change the look and feel if you want to later. You'll keep all your inventory on upgrade and no data will be lost.

Instruction here:


We can upgrade it for you if you purchase the "Technical Support & Management" plan. https://www.cubecart.com/technical-support

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The best option has got to be to upgrade to V5 but a new skin would be needed and also if you had any custom code / mods done in your current version, these would be lost but also may no longer be required or may be available as plugins. We would need more details about your specific site to be able to give more accurate advice


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