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Changing Orders from Pending blank page


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I'm having trouble when changing an order received from 'Pending' to 'Processing' or 'Complete' it yields a blank page and doesn't complete the action.


In System Error Log i've received this -


[Exception] /var/sites/z/mystore.com/public_html/includes/lib/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatecompilerbase.php:22 - Syntax error in template "f0d9f60b8943a75aa73ac9a7d224e22fab4e9b24" on line 22 "brokenlinkimage{DATA.logoURL}


the brokenlinkimage being {$DATA.storeName}  I have edited my store name.


Could anyone tell me what this means please, and how to fix it.



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In this case, a template that cannot be rendered by Smarty will cause Smarty to crash and the browser gets a zero-byte page (blank) as a result.


With a template name like that, I'm sure it is Smarty creating a temporary compiled template, but there is an issue being caused by a fault in the source template.


Knowing that CubeCart wants to email the customer and/or admin about the change in status of the order, I am going to assert that the source template in question is one of the Email Contents templates.


This expression of a variable:


is not correct. You will need to find the template you have edited, and make sure the variables are expressed as:



I think it should be the Email Templates tab, Default Emails template, HTML Content tab, right-click on the image, select Edit Link, and make sure the Protocol is <other> and the URL is {$DATA.logoURL}.

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