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Some customers unable to check out


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Some customers can't add items to the cart, others can't check out. It's very frustrating.


Some example emails:




website isn't allowing me to add this to my cart. Other items work, and I even tried registering for an account--no dice. I thought I'd mention it on the off-chance the problem is not just me being a bonehead.



Same issue here -- I got into a mobius Checkout UX loop and decided to hold off ordering for now.



just to be clear, yesterday evening I was unable to put the book into my cart at all. When I clicked the button, it brought up a window telling me my cart was still empty. I thought maybe this glitch was because of the book's status as a preorder. I was able to put several other items into my cart without any problem, just so long as they were currently in stock. I did not attempt to buy any of those items, however. 



Meanwhile, other customers are able to buy items no problem. Can anybody help?


Could these bugs be fixed by ditching the mods and upgrading to the latest version of CubeCart?


website: www.fabpress.com (v5.2.2)

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It's been awhile since we've discussed anything about CC522 -- and I'm sure some things have been sorted in later versions.


I recall past issues with the customer having browser or anti-virus security settings set too stringently, causing cookies to be lost and web forms not submitting. But that's an issue with the customer's browser, not CubeCart.


There have been products with punctuation marks or accented characters in names or codes causing some problems.


Many of these issues I am not aware of a solution due to the intermittent nature of the problem and that controlled experiments wasn't viable because it meant taking the live store into a state of operation that would scare away current customers and visitors.

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I guess the best thing to do would be to upgrade to the latest version, which will mean losing the mods. I can't face going through the hassle of adding them back again as they were all code edits and not true plugins.


The main mod which was useful was the "Additional Product Fields" (we added an "author" field, among other things) - is there another way of achieving this without a mod? Is there a plugin available, or was it already a plugin? I can't remember.


Perhaps somebody could talk me through what I need to do to upgrade to the latest version of CC, and overwrite the code edit mods?

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Hopefully, the CubeCart programmer's will offer their take on your request.


It would be a real nice feature to implement, but Chuggy's plugin has already done it. So, Cubecart would need to be diligent about implementing this feature using code that does not look like Chuggy's code -- or get a license to use it (still, Chuggy's code needs to be polished up a bit).


Last year, a mini-series about this situation was on television: Halt and Catch Fire.

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