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Editing Store info Via Catalogue


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CubeCart v5.2.16


I wanted to know if we can EDIT basic product info via the Import / Export Catalogue options under INVENTORY > Import Catalogue OR Export Catalogue


When I export - I get a CVS file I can edit information like descriptions - price - weight - all that.


If I IMPORT the edited file will the edits be made to the products online or no - is that not how this works?

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Short answer: no.


The current state of the Product Import function is to have a first row of CubeCart_inventory column names, and if the values for certain columns are formatted a certain way, then some extra processing is made to ancillary tables: Manufacturers, Images, Categories, and an SEO Path.


If there is content in the Description column, that content gets included.


When getting an import ready, you can tell CubeCart to truncate all the relevant tables, as if starting over from scratch.


But the current Import INSERTs new records. It does not UPDATE existing records.

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