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Store Shipping "Per Catagory" still not working


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CubeCart v5.2.16




So I have attempted this before several times and I still cannot figure out what I am doing wrong.


I have set up  " Dashboard » Modules » Shipping Methods » Per Category "  several times and still every order that comes in with items from different categories ALL show shipping cost of $0.00.  


No matter what I edit or change the shipping is ALWAYS $0.00


I have edited all my categories. I have only a hand full of categories set to the $0.00 shipping value. The rest of the categories are all set to an actual shipping cost.


Do I need to set "Allowed Zones" or something? I don't know why all my orders come in with shipping cost of $0.00.








What am I doing wrong?



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I would like for you to enter some countries in the "National Countries" and International Countries" fields of the "Per Category" settings panel..


If your test orders are to the (local) US, try entering US in the National Countries field.


I am not saying this will change anything, but it's an experiment worth trying.

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@bsmither  AWESOME info as always.


This process works so far.


I added 2 digit codes for contries in the International and National country locations and so far I have done several shopping cart tests and they have worked and adjusted perfectly to all the category items used in the test purchases.


Items in the $0.00 categories adjust to the proper value. And like wise the shipping value adjusts to categories that have a shipping value.



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