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V5 to v6


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I am just curious - I have v5.2.16


I see allot of talk about v6


Do we chose to upgrade to v6? or will it sometime in the future update my site for me?


I have gone to the Advanced > Maintenance tab several times and checked on the "Upgrade" button - but each time it tells me I am up to date.


I don't want my site to be at risk of falling behind the times so do I need to FORCE upgrade to v6? I already had to go from v3 all the way to v5 once before.

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Good observation.


CC5216 is the latest version that's fit for public usage.


CC6 is still in beta, and I think that's why you won't see the Maintenance, Upgrade offer to upgrade to CC6.


The response from querying cubecart.com for the latest version is what determines the response displayed to you on the page about upgrading.


I am confident that there is no discrimination between CC5 and CC6 in that query/response. Therefore, when the response says the latest (good for live stores) version is 6.0.0, that's when it is assumed the upgrade would do you some good.


You can play around with CC6 while it is in beta -- well, you can experiment with it at any time. Let it make it's own database or use a table_prefix.


I do not expect the CC6 family to have a "remote management" feature. (I was surprised to see this in WordPress 3.9. On it's own, not on demand, WP will update itself.)

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