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Shipping by postcode?


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Does the all-in-one support shipping by postcode?  I'm using a v3 postcode shipping module - which has been released as open source now as the author no longer supports it.




It offers fairly granular support for postcodes in multiple countries, and also (importantly) UK postcodes.


Does the all-in-one in v6 support this?  Might the above module possibly be ported to v6 - as it is open source now.


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Ok, I created two methods in your demo system - but I seem unable to modify them.  I can create new ones with the shipping weights needed, but when I try to edit one - it just reverts back to what it was before.  Is this a bug - or because i'm using a demo system?

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Yes, I can delete them.  Is this plugin ready for prime time?


Another thing - in the zones menu:




The radio box selections don't seem to correspond to anything useful.


Is that a bug too?


Additionally - when you go into zones - there is no easy way to get back to 'general' as the zones tab seems to disappear.

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How do I delete of 'rest of world'?  Essentially I want the following:


Free delivery to UK

Surcharge for delivery for items over a certain weight to certain postcodes (i.e. highlands, Islands and NI)

Surcharge for delivery to other countries - and potentially certain postcodes within those countries - all based on weight.

All other shipping requests should be refused.


When I delete a shipping rate (because I can't edit it) and re-add it - it doesn't show in the order of weight - it shows in the order I added them.  This is probably only cosmetic, but may confuse on more complicated configs. 

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