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All in One Shipping phrases - language?


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I want to change the language for the all in one shipping. I want it to display just "Shipping" or something of that nature. I can not find it in the language file for some reason, and the All in One Shipping specific language file under modules has no settings to change. I don't care what it displays in the admin module, just what it shows in the cart and on the print outs/invoices.



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I haven't tried this -- I don't know if the name of the folder and the <name> node in config.xml must match, and/or if the <name> node must use underscores for spaces (probably must use underscores).


So, see what happens when you make this change:

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There are a couple of conversations:




I have done a whole-cloth renaming of an AIOS copy to Carrier. Works fine.


Smarty, the template rendering engine; Foundation, the responsive skin for CC6; PHPMail, the email library; and CKEditor, the rich text editor in admin, are third-party.

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Interestingly, in the config.xml I saw that this is actually someone elses mod? I didn't realize CubeCart utilized mods from others in their commercial products.

As Brian has pointed out CubeCart like almost every other product without exception is put together using 3rd party building blocks to provide functionality for speed, security and reliability.

The AOI Shipping is slightly different in that it was a successful commercial mod for V3 and V4 and CubeCart came to an arrangement with the developers to include it for future versions.

Other core parts such as the mobile skin and other skins for example have also been developed by 3rd parties. In a way, each time one of us on here contributes a fix or new functionality that goes into core, we are also doing the same !


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Hi Guys, Am I missing something?

I have read this whole thread and can not find the answer to changing the All_in_one_shipping name to whatever_I_want. I thought it may have been in a language file but no. Could not find it in config.xml either.

Can I have some directions please?

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Yes I wanted to do this as well as it shows on the invoice, which does not look great. I tried renaming to shipping in the config.xml file as well as renaming the folder to Shipping, and whilst this did change the name, it broke the plugin so I could not add shipping rates etc.

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