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[resolved] getting multiple entries of the same order (randomly) v6.0.


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Hi There.


Don't know for sure what is the cause of this, but, since upgrading to v6 we are getting (randomly it seems) multiple instances (duplicates) of the same order with identical order numbers in the database 'order_summary' table and subsequently in the orders list in the back-end of CC.

It also wants to print off multiple pages (one foe each instance) when you hit Print from the order summary on any one of the listed orders.

Also; if you delete any one of them from the list, it deletes every instance of that order number and you are left with none of them.


Following a little feedback today, it might be due to the 'print order form' button being pressed multiple times in the checkout; it being due to nothing happening on screen to indicate the button press is accepted after the customer presses the button. An older gentleman says this is what happened for him today.


A bug to fix methinks



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This pesters me considerably. It's the first I have heard of it. I will try to reproduce this tomorrow and fix if/when it can be reproduced. I expect it may have something to do with overcaching. The cart_order_id field should always be unique so for starters the SQL code below will prevent duplicates...

ALTER TABLE  `CubeCart_order_summary` ADD UNIQUE (`cart_order_id`);
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