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How to add a new language option to v6.0.1


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Hello there.


I need to add additional order state options to the select list and the default ones are found in Languages.

Is there a way to add new options into a language for such.


In version 3 i remember hacking the language file (PHP).

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There are hooks for language phrase purposes that plugins can use. I don't recall where they are at the moment.


I assume you are using a plugin as simply adding choices to the Order Status selector means nothing if there is no code to process the order accordingly.


In the folder /modules/plugins/, there is a file naming all the available hooks.

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No add-on is in use.


In Version 3.x that my client was using up until this upgrade; the cart did not do automatic processing functions as such, it was done manually with notes you could send to the customer (or not; by checkbox). when you changed the status of an order.


Do you know of an add-on that will do what's needed in this case?


The status is simply a flag to admin on the state of C.O.D orders. so 'Processing COD' (order complete and ready for shipping [the completed email is sent to the customer), and 'COD Completed' (Delivery and COD payment signed off).



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