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Testing the Store's Email Settings


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Please test:


In the admin skin template settings.index.php, near line 369:

         <div><label for="email_smtp_user">{$LANG.settings.smtp_user}</label><span><input name="config[email_smtp_user]" id="email_smtp_user" type="text" class="textbox" value="{$CONFIG.email_smtp_user}" autocomplete="off"></span></div>
         <div><label for="email_smtp_password">{$LANG.settings.smtp_pass}</label><span><input name="config[email_smtp_password]" id="email_smtp_password" type="password" class="textbox" value="{$CONFIG.email_smtp_password}" autocomplete="off"></span></div>
Add after:
<div><label for="smtp_test_url"><span style="color:red;font-weight:bold;">Save First, then</span> Launch Email Test</label><span>
    <button type="button" id="smtp_test_url" onclick="$.colorbox({ href:'{$STORE_URL}/{$SKIN_VARS.admin_file}?_g=xml&type=email&q={$CONFIG.email_smtp_password}&function=test' })">Test</button>

In admin, Manage Hooks, Code Snippets tab, Add Snippet:

Enabled: Checked

Unique ID: test_email@cubecart   (<== max 32 chars)

Execution Order: 1

Description: After saving email settings, makes a test email.

Trigger: class.ajax.load

Version: 1.0



PHP Code:

if (CC_IN_ADMIN && isset($_GET['type']) && $_GET['type'] == 'email' && isset($_GET['function']) && $_GET['function'] == 'test') {
    $pass = ($_GET['q']) ? $_GET['q'] : '';
    $test_mailer = Mailer::getInstance();
    $test_mailer->SMTPDebug = 2;
    $test_mailer->Debugoutput = "html";
    $test_mailer->Password = $pass;
    $test_mailer->AddAddress($GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'email_address'));
    $test_mailer->Subject = "Testing CubeCart";
    $test_mailer->Body = "Testing from CubeCart v".CC_VERSION." at ".CC_STORE_URL;
    $test_mailer->AltBody = "Testing from CubeCart v".CC_VERSION." at ".CC_STORE_URL;
    // Send email
    $email_test_send_result = $test_mailer->Send();
    $email_test_results = @ob_get_contents();@ob_end_clean();

    if(!empty($email_test_results)) {
      $email_test_results_data = array (
            'request_url' => 'mailto:'.$GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'email_address'),
            'request' => 'Subject: Testing CubeCart',
            'result' => $email_test_results,
            'error' => ($email_test_send_result) ? null : "Mailer Failed" ,
      $GLOBALS['db']->insert('CubeCart_request_log', $email_test_results_data);
      $json = $email_test_results;
    } else {
      $json = "Test failed to execute.";

This will give you the dialog the Mailer has with whatever you have set as the means and server to accept emails from your store. A copy of the dialog is saved in admin, Request Log.


The above needs testing! My development environment is not the same as a production environment.

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If the password has punctuation and other non-letter/number characters, then it may corrupt the data sent to CubeCart for testing. So, make this change in the template:






In the snippet:


$pass = ($_GET['q']) ? $_GET['q'] : '';


$pass = ($_GET['q']) ? base64_decode($_GET['q']) : '';

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