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Add thumbnails to Popular Products box

Mike MacKechnie

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Does anybody know how to add thumbnail images to the Popular Products box in CCV6?


I'm using the crosshatch skin with a few css tweaks but pretty much straight out of the box.


This is my source for crosshatch/templates/box.popular.php:


<div class="box">
{foreach from=$POPULAR item=product}
<p class="image">
<a href="{$product.url}" title="{$product.name}">
<img src="{$product.image_small}"/>
<li><a href="{$product.url}" title="{$product.name}">{$product.name}</a></li>
the "{$product.image_small}" placeholder is not working. I tried "{$product.image}" as well but same result. {$product.url} and {$product.name} work fine so I'm guessing that there's somewhere where I've got to get Smarty to load the $product.image placeholder. I'm a newbie to Smarty so any help would be appreciated.
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At the end of box.popular.php, add {debug}. Be sure to have your browser allow popups.


You will be given a popup with all the variables that this template has available. Under $product, you will see that the array elements do not include an image.


In the file /classes/gui.class.php, find private function _displayPopularProducts(). In this function you can hard code a statement that will get links to one or all image variants, or we can use a hook.


For a hard coded statement, try:

$product['sale_price'] = ($sale) ? $GLOBALS['tax']->priceFormat($product['sale_price']) : null;
Add after:
$product['image_url'] = $this->getProductImage($product['product_id']);

Then, the template code now has $product.image_url available.

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