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Custom (additional fields) in CC6 ?


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I guess it should be something simple I am missing but I do not see option to add custom fields(additional fields) in Products & category fields?


For example I need to add a Field called "Pressing instructions" on iPad covers we are selling so want to add a field in admin to enter


same for categories?


I can probabbly add a field in database table and add some code to admin files to achieve that but was wondering if it already exists or any third party module ?


Many Thanks,




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There is no built-in ability to do this. Google for "Additional Product Fields" by Chuggy for a mod I really like -- I've mentioned it here a few times.


(There is some concern that Chuggy has his store on autopilot and has not responded to emails for a while.)

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There is a hack at:

This can be modified to hold a checkbox response instead of a textbox.

These two conversations mention that hack:

I should probably go through that hack and streamline it for CC6.

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