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Exporting Mailing List problem


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Trying to export a mailing list but am unable to select the tickboxes on anything other than {$EMAIL_ADDRESS}.


If I copy and paste the options required for export




also tried




All I'm getting at MailChimp is the email address. Any suggestions?



Cubecart 6.0.2

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I have no answer regarding MailChimp.


What I think is being displayed is an "indication" of whether this "macro" is always available. That is, of the "macros" available to be included in the output file, for example:

Image of a checked box == The {$EMAIL_ADDRESS} macro will always be available and will always appear in the output file.

Image of an unchecked box == The {$FIRST_NAME} macro will not always be available and will appear in the output file only if that email address belongs to a registered customer.


It is unfortunate that the programmers chose to use the same image used for a functional form element checkbox, as a simple indicator of what may or may not be available for the output file.


A properly formatted To: string is the friendly name enclosed in quotes if that friendly name has commas or any of a few other characters, followed by a space, followed by the email address enclosed in angles if there is a friendly name. So, what you see as an example is wrong.


"My Company, LLC" <[email protected]>


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This seems to have worked better, with names andemail addreses, but it seems to be in a format that won't let MailChimp import the emails.


"FirstName, Lastname" <emailaddress>

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I can't help with MailChimp. Maybe knowing what format(s) are acceptable? Filetypes (.csv as opposed to .txt)?


Just to note, the comma between the FirstName and Lastname generally isn't used:

"Abigail, Johnson"


But a comma between Lastname and FirstName is typically used:

"Johnson, Abigail"

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