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Volume discount by quantity Module


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we are looking for a Module to set "Volume discount by quantity"


I know in CC6,I can go and edit each product and set but problem is we have 330 products and no one in office is willing to edit 1 by 1!

is there a module or method to edit all of them quickly like a mass edit screen?

alternate ,can we give volume discounts by category ?

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Please give this some thought. You will be working with an external utility such as phpMyAdmin. You can also do this in admin, Maintenance, Query Editor, but there is no feedback when working here.

Have a list of the product_id values for the products you want to work with. In the database utility, prepare this statement:

INSERT INTO CubeCart_pricing_quantity (`product_id`, `quantity`, `price`) VALUES
(1, 5, 7.99),

This creates three records for product_id of 1. The first number is the product_id -- change that for each product_id that you execute this query. The second number is the quantity breakpoint, and the third is the volume price.

I am not aware of any mod that will offer a discount based on the category.


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