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Store "address" questions....


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I recently noticed that when I go to my store settings>general and look at the address section, it has a text box for your address. However, below it has text boxes for the zip code and "County".

So here in the US, we have zip codes, we have states, and we have under those states, counties. CC uses the term "County" to represent the state if you're in the US. This is no problem, however, I notice that this messes with the formatting of the print forms. At the bottom of the print forms it shows the zip code and the "county" which would duplicate the actual address formatting. For example

In my store settings the address box reads:

12345 Address Dr.

On the print forms the zipcode and state are inputed automatically because of the additional text boxes.

My question is, where does this address get used outside of the print forms in the admin area? Does this show on the invoices? Does this show somewhere else? I want to check the formatting is correct. I do not want there to be missing attributes to the address anywhere, but at the same time I do not want it to duplicate the state and zipcode as I originally had it formatted. If this doesn't make sense, I can upload screenshots.


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If you are using CC6, please know that the English for USA language pack is not included. However, that language pack should be there if you upgraded from CC5.

It is in the "en-US" language file that idiosyncratic phrases overrule the default phrases: check/cheque, state/county, ZipCode/postcode, etc.

Please see if you have the "en-US" language file.

The address block is used in the Invoice template, but the store technician can add the {$CONFIG.store_address} in any template.

It depends where this data is shown. The address block has a "new-line" character splitting the lines of the address, but browsers do not honor new-lines. The browser displays:
12345 Address Dr. City, {state} {zip} {country}
on one line.

In an email where new-lines should be honored, the address will be multiple lines.

PHP has a function, nl2br() that swaps the new-lines for HTML <br> tags, and this function is available in templates (in a different syntax).

I hope I have answered your questions.

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And yet, in Store Settings, General tab, instead of State, you see County?

The Default Language for the store is English (US), correct?

Please examine your Administrator Profile (admin, Administrators, edit your profile). Verify you have the language you want to see when it is you who is working in the admin.

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