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Another wish list - follow-up email for incomplete orders


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Hi all,

and my wish list continues .... incomplete orders, ie pending orders for which payment has not come through for whatever reason and abandoned carts. Today, as there is no function for this in Cubecart, we send follow-up emails ourselves one by one. It is time consuming but we recover so many sales that we have to do it. I know that this function can be automated as it is offered by other carts. At the moment, we do it two ways. When it is a pending order, we have one email template for that and when we see a customer that fully registered but did not place any order, which we qualify as abandoned cart, we have a different email template too.

Thank you.


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I'm sorry, but I have a hard time telling other people what I do sometimes. I fear this is one of those times. Sorry

On the Order Summary page I added an email link with the store name written out next to it. I can click on the email link already populated with the customer's email. I use Outlook, so I made a "signature" that has a template already there to try to offer the person a chance to pay. All I have to do is fill in the person's name and click Send.

I took the Fraudulent email template, changed the name to Unpaid Order and reworked the emails. If a Pending Order stays that way for several days I change the status to Unpaid Order. That triggers the email that gives them a chance to reply if they do want the item. I usually invoice them via PP in that situation, since they must have had some issue checking out on our store.

Now that we can login as the customer, I've been considering sending them the link to their Order History page where they could complete the payment. I haven't figured out how to create the email with the Smarty tags it would take to do that, though.

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