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Add "About Us" page to main menu


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FYI: You can add a category (with no products) and give it an elaborate description with images, etc. It won't be the "Contact Us" page, or the Homepage, but it could replicate any other Site Doc.

With a standard javascript trick, content can be appended to the bottom of any block with an ID attribute. So, then it's just a matter of getting the javascript loaded onto the page.

"I think adding pages to the main menu should be an option in the back end."

But where does that stop?

"I think adding anything to any part of the output anywhere should be an option in the back end,"

That might be something for CC7 -- hooks peppering the template files at every other line.

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Assuming this document page would be no different than any other Site Document (except for the content), in admin, Documents, create a new document.

But if you want to add the link to this page to a menu, then the template would be box.navigation.php.

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