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'Basket/Cart' not updating when using back button browser


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First off, my English isn't the best but hopefully you guys can understand what I'm writing ;-)

When customers are using the shop and putting stuff into the basket it shows the price nicely, but when they use the 'back' button of the browser it shows before putting the last item in the basket, even when clicking the basket it shows all items except the last one. 
Is there a way of refreshing the basket even when using the back button of the browser??

Hopefully this question hasn't been asked in the past, I was looked for it but couldn't find it..

Regards, René

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I understand there is, for a general solution not specific to CubeCart, a page Response header that can be used to tell the browser to "expire" the page immediately (not the same as a cookie reaching its expiration). Thus, clicking the Back button will have the browser throw up a warning that says, "This page has expired. Yada Yada."

There may also be a javascript trick that purges the browser's History stack. Again, a solution not specific to CubeCart.

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