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Basket will not empty


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Frustration .... I also have issues with the cart /basket emptying, even after clearing cache with debug on the cart will not reset to zero.

Testing of current set up is not working.

1. Click empty basket, screen refreshes to say basket empty.

2. Click home, basket shows it has contents.

3. Using Chrome or Firefox, clear cache, 

4. Basket shows zero.

5. Login after clearing cache, basket has items.

repeat 1... basket still not clear.


Enable Debugging             DisabledEnabled            
Restrict debug to IP Address (Comma Separated)
Enable Caching

Any suggestions?


Further to this I found refreshing the page clears the basket.

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But on point 1. in your first post, are you logged in or not logged in as a "customer"? (Certain variables to the experiment are removed to be logged out as the admin when conducting these tests.)

Because point 5. seems to suggest you weren't.

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I was logged in as admin and a customer. However I started again by refreshing the cache on Chrome and started again Then I did the same with Firefox.

This is what happened.

Google Chrome

Clear cache

Open shop - not logged in

click specials

Add 6 items to basket

View Basket

Basket is Empty

Click Home - nil in basket

Refresh - nil in basket

Click specials

Add 2 to basket

Basket now shows 8 bottles

Click on basket - Nil shown

Log in 

Nil in basket

A 1 to basket

Popup shows 9 items in basket

Click view basket

"Your basket is empty"   :(


With Chrome still open I opened Firefox. It showed some old data.

Cleared cache


Add 12 items to basket

click secure checkout, shows 12 items OK

Reduce number from 12 to 6, click update

No change, still at 12 items

Change again to 6 press enter

No Change, still at 12

Click update basket, no change

Click empty Basket, basket empty

Click home

Add 6 different items

Basket shows 6 original items

Click update , no change

Click refresh

Basket now shows correct 6 items

Logout of store while in firefox

Clear cache

Start at store home page using firefox  https://www.harrisorganicwine.com.au/shop/index.php?

Add 5 items

View basket

Basket is correct, ie 5 items

Add 1 more item, ie change number of items from 5 to 6

Update Basket, no change

Empty basket, no change.

change from 5 to 6

press enter

click update

shows 5 bottles

change from 5 to 6 press enter

Updates from 5 to 6.

Sort of works but is not a pleasant CUSTOMER experience. I hope my customers are expieriencing this, however I have had a number of customers report they have issues, may be they are the same as these described above.

Any suggestions to test would be most appreciated.

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This sounds so very much like there is a server-level caching mechanism being used.

But, just to eliminate CubeCart's caching mechanism, in admin, Store Settings, Advanced tab, set Caching to Disabled.

Then run some more tests.

If CubeCart's caching was already disabled, then there might definitely be some other server-level page caching mechanism interfering.

Have you asked your hosting provider about any server-level caching?

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