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Rental interface


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Well, refundable deposits, ability to charge for loss/damage, insurance, etc. the need for viewable and useable credit card information, drivers license information.

Because prices for rentals isn't globally the same, they'd have to change per item. Would also be nice to have a separate tab or page for "rentals" along side of the purchase side of the store. Possibly a completely different section in the admin area as well that's for rentals only. separate inventory, separate rental history, but using the same customer database.

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Using the same customer tables between two databases has been done before, provided that the customer does not try to change anything about their profile on the subordinate store.

Issuing refunds -- I have not seen that on any payment gateway module at any time in CubeCart. So, that would be an interesting enhancement to whatever gateway CubeCart tries it on to start.

Other customer data is easy, I think there's a mod for that already.

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