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Strange language issue


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My webshop sometimes shows up with a few 'english terms', I'm using the dutch language pack but in a few occasions it shows the 'original term' instead of the dutch. Even refreshing the page won't solve it. When loading the page after a few minutes, the dutch language works again... 

It happened in the menu bar today
In the footer yesterday and also in the checkout page

So strange

More people with this problem? And hopefully with a solution



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There will be situations where a new phrase to CC6 has not yet been added to any of the language packs. If a language pack does not contain a phrase, CubeCart will fallback to using the phrase in the master definitions.xml file (generalized English).

But these situations will be consistent. What you describe, the Dutch phrases when a page is requested, the fallback phrase on a second request for that same page, then back to the Dutch phrase for a later page request, is abnormal.

CubeCart caches language phrases (in a different, faster format than that of the source XML files) for a period of 24 hours. But I can't see how cached phrases would cause this situation within that time-frame.

Will you try disabling the cache (admin, Store Settings, Advanced tab) and keep a watch on this behavior?


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