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Productsfeed for Beslist.nl


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Hi Dirty Butter,

Hier is a list of the fields needed:


Transelation: "title", "price", "url", "url product image", "EAN", "brand", "sku", "delivery", "shipping costs", "store products code", "category", "description"

Is this what you've created? Could you maybe instruct me in how to do that? I'de love to learn :-)

Thanks again! I'm glad to use your help.


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Copy all the contents of the folder for Google_base to a new Modules/Plugins folder with your name for your feed.

Open YOUR plugin's config.xml file and edit this part to suit yourself:

    <name><![CDATA[Bing Base]]></name>
    <description><![CDATA[Bing base product export feed]]></description>

In the skin/admin folder change index.tpl to suit:

<form action="{$VAL_SELF}" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">
  <div id="Bing_Base" class="tab_content">

In the language folder change module.definitions.xml to suit:

 <group name="bing_base">

In hooks folder change admin.product.import.list.php to suit:

$formats['bingbase']  = 'Bing Base';

That same hooks folder has the admin.product.import.format.php file. That's the one you will change to match your new feed.

The logo for your feed would be in the admin folder. Copy the correct logo over logo.jpg, keeping the same size as the Google one.




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Hi again,

Things seem to go in the right direction, but I'm not quite there yet...

Somehow the plugin is producing a .txt file that I can then download.

Is it possible to make it a .csv or .xml file and is it possible to create an url where the file will show?, or where they can download it from?

Almost there :-

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Thanks Dirty Butter.

I've managed to save a feed file on a location where the feed got "picked up" bij Beslist.nl

But I couldn't get the thing working to produce a new feed automaticly, as described in  Resolved - Automatic Export to Google Merchant

I'm using CC6 and got a bit confused with the different codes.

So I'm still in need of help :-)


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