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bxSlider - Creating new sliders, Adjustment to existing sliders, etc


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I'm running CC 6.0.4

I was searching through the store setting and did not see anything about bxSlider

I would like to know where I can make adjustments to BX Slider including:

adjusting  the image sizes

where I can create a new slider

how do I add a new bxSlider to a category page or product page

Thank You in advance for your help!

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On a fresh installation of CC6, the collection of image frames (the list) is in the HomePage Document (admin, Documents, the document identified by radio button as the "Homepage").

Because Foundation is "responsive", the size of the slider viewport scales to fit the dimensions of the container that holds it.

The example images (/skins/foundation/images/examples/) are 1000x300 pixels.

To create another bxSlider, simply code an unordered list <ul class="bxslider">. It's size should automatically scale to fill the <div> container that holds it.

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The bxslider uses a simple <ul><li> unordered list structure to manage the collection of images.

Then, you will need to include a <script> tag to load the javascript bxslider module. Then, there will be a couple of settings that need to be declared in another <script> tag.

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