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Admin product options list

red sun

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I have a CC5 store with lots of options per product.

Line 149 of admin/skins/templates/orders.index.php just has the variable {$product.options} which produces a linear list which is very difficult to read when there are lots of options (see screen grab).

Please could someone let me know where {$product.options} is created and if it's possible to amend the code to add <br /> tags at the end of each option.

Many thanks...

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 11.47.35.png

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In the file /admin/sources/orders.index.inc.php, find near line 273 (line number for CC604, should be nearby for CC5):

$product['options_array'] = false;

if (!empty($product['product_options']) && preg_match('/^a:[0-9]/', $product['product_options'])) {
  $product['options_array'] = cc_unserialize($product['product_options']);
  $product['options_text'] = implode(' ', cc_unserialize($product['product_options']));
} elseif (!empty($product['product_options'])) {
  $product['options_text'] = $product['product_options'];

Change just this:
implode(' ',

implode('<br />',


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