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moving box?

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Hello, I would like to make some changes to foundation.
I left the two boxes (recommended products and popular product)
I would like to recommend products to the left and remove popular product.
I've found to remove popular product. but I do not understand how to put the box on the left recommend product.
you have a track ?.

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There are three ways to do this:
1. Edit the code and swap the order of the div blocks
2. Edit the code and add Foundation class-words to make the blocks appear to have swapped positions
3. Create a javascript file to addClass() to the blocks to implement #2.


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Hello, I managed to put the boxes left by changing the code below into foundation.css
Chosee strange I put right instead of left and put the boxes to the left.

good on the home page that suit me.

by against the problem is when consulting products. box 'product recommendations is also left .. (is it possible to deliver it to the right?) only in that part.

but the add to cart button is also on the left, and I will love remaining right of the image of my product.


  .columns {
    position: relative;
    padding-left: 0.9375em;
    padding-right: 0.9375em;
    float: Right; }

in fact this is what I try to do on my homepage.
the first image corresponds to the current layout (the proportions are not good but it looks like I have)


1 - Logo 2-search box 3-the menu with the choice of categories 4-Homepage 5-the recommended products 6-a guestbook 7-Products on Sale

and I want to change so that it looks like this.


1-3 does not change 4-Homepage 5-the recommended products 6 disappear (I can do) 7 a guestbook (7 I think knowledge)

sorry for my long message


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